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#1 Mobile, AI-Powered Sticker Design and Sales Business Solution

Transform the Way You Create, Print, and Sell Stickers!

Simple Setup

AI-Assistant Instant Sticker Design

Low Start Up Cost

Anytime Anywhere

Easy Kick-Start 
Your AI Sticker Business


How it Works?

two tablets with a printer
Step 1

Prepare two tablets and a printer with an internet connection on your business site. login
Step 2

Sign up Stickerlt.Al and select a subscription plan 

ai sticker creation
Step 3

Sign in using Customer Mode on the 1st tablet. Your customers use this tablet to generate Al stickers and place orders here.

sticker print and orders managment
Step 4

Sign-in using Business Owner Mode in the 2nd tablet . You can print stickers and manage your sticker orders here.

ai sticker generator
Step 5

Start your Al sticker business Anytime, Anywhere!

Sign Up & Get 25 Free Sticker Tokens 

​Do You Business Anytime, Anywhere​  Instant AI Sticker Generation   Low Start-Up Cost​  High Profit Margin 

Mobile Workshop

  • Do You Business Anytime, Anywhere​

  • Instant AI Sticker Generation 

  • Low Start-Up Cost​

  • High Profit Margin 

Live Sticker Design, Text-to-Image

Live Sticker Design

  • Text-to-Image AI technology

  • Enhanced Creativity and Personalization​

  • Live Making Experience​

  • High Quality, Instant Creation

pay as you go, side income


  • Flexible Sticker Token Purchase Plans​

  • Use Sticker Tokens to Pay AI Service

ai image generator

Software Support

  • No Installation. Use Web Browser. ​

  • New AI Features Upgrade and Software Patches for Free ​

  • Customer Support

Service Features

StickerIt.AI is your premier software solution for creating and selling AI-powered stickers directly from your mobile device. Transform any location into a vibrant sticker shop. With just two tablets and a printer, you can start selling custom stickers made in minutes. Our platform is designed to run your AI sticker business anytime, anywhere.

Service Time



< 5


Startup Cost


 < $1K

Image Design Time



Profit Margin



Mobility, Service Range

Work Flexibility

Why Choose Us?

Choosing StickerIt.AI means choosing a reliable partner to help personalize your products. We are a team of experienced professionals who pride ourselves on attention to detail and customer satisfaction. You can rely on us to deliver high-quality AI sticker images while enjoying low operation cost and faster product delivering experience.  

Sticker Business

Who Do We Serve?

Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

  • Start cheaply with just two devices and one professional printer.

  • Grow your business easily.

  • Attract customers with cool AI designs.

  • Manage everything yourself, no need for big teams.

Retail Store Owners

  • Make shopping fun with sticker making.

  • Earn more without risking unsold stock.

  • Offer custom stickers for personal touch.

  • Be the first to have this new tech.

Event Organizers & School Educators

  • Give special stickers at events.

  • Make stickers fast for any event.

  • Add value with personalized items.

  • Use stickers for fun promotion.

Sticker Professionals

  • Create unique stickers quickly.

  • Work from anywhere.

  • Lower your costs.

  • Stand out with new tech.

Our AI Sticker Samples

ai image genrator
Creativity and Personalization
ai image genrator
High Quality and Instant