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How to Print, laminate, and cut Stickers

Updated: Jul 3

Cartoon-style stickers featuring various characters.

Welcome to the future of design with our AI-powered image generation tool – Stickerit.AI, which is   designed specifically for business owners, retailers, event organizers, or freelancers. Stickers play a vital role in branding and marketing, and our tool makes creating unique and professional sticker designs effortless. This guide will take you through the entire process—from creating designs using our tool to printing, laminating, and cutting out your custom stickers. The best sticker making kit solution.

1. Creating Sticker Designs with Stickerit.AI

Stickerit.AI is designed to help you create stunning sticker designs with ease. With intuitive features and advanced AI capabilities, you can produce high-quality designs in minutes. Simply input your design ideas, and let our tool generate multiple design options for you to choose from. Adjust colors, shapes, and styles to match your brand perfectly.

2. Printing Your Sticker Designs

If you plan to cut the stickers manually, you can go ahead and print out the design directly after generating it with Stickerit.AI. If you use cutting machines such as Cricut Maker or Silhouette Portrait that we mentioned in this post, before printing your design, you need to get it prepared for cutting in Step 4 by follow these steps:

Using Cricut Maker

  • Upload to Cricut Design Space: After generating your sticker design with Stickerit.AI, save it in a high-resolution format like PNG or JPEG. Open Cricut Design Space and upload your design.

  • Set Operation to "Print and Cut": Once your design is uploaded, set the operation mode to "Print and Cut" to prepare it for both printing and cutting.

  • Add an Offset (Optional): For a border around your stickers, you can add an offset in Cricut Design Space. This can make the stickers easier to peel and give them a professional look.

  • Flatten and Resize: Make sure to flatten the layers of your design. Resize the layer so that it does not exceed 9.25 x 6.75 inches, the maximum size for Cricut's Print and Cut feature.

  • Print the Design: Use your printer to print the design onto sticker paper. Ensure your printer settings are configured for the type of paper you are using to get the best quality print.

For additional Cricut Maker guide, please check out this video by Amy Makes That or this video by Kayla's Cricut Creations.

Using Silhouette Portrait

  • Upload to Silhouette Studio: Save your sticker design in a high-resolution format and open Silhouette Studio. Upload your design.

  • Turn On Registration Marks: In Silhouette Studio, make sure to turn on the registration marks. These marks ensure that your design is placed correctly for the machine to cut.

  • Add an Offset (Optional): You can add an offset around your stickers in Silhouette Studio to create a border. This can help with peeling the stickers and enhance their appearance.

  • Print the Design: Print your design onto sticker paper using your printer. Make sure your printer settings match the type of paper you are using.

For additional Silhouette Portrait guide, please check out this video by

3. Laminating Your Stickers

Laminating your stickers adds a layer of protection, making them more durable and resistant to water, UV rays, and scratches.

  • Using a Laminating Machine: Place your printed stickers into the laminating pouch and run it through the machine. Ensure the machine is set to the correct temperature for the type of lamination you are using.

  • DIY Lamination: Use self-adhesive laminating sheets. Carefully place the sheet over your stickers, smoothing out any bubbles as you go. A brayer or scraper can be very useful for this purpose to ensure a smooth application and proper adhesion.

For additional Laminating Guide, please check out this video by this video by Angie Holden

4. Cutting Out Your Stickers

Once laminated, cutting out your stickers precisely is crucial for a professional finish.

For Cutting Machine Like Cricut Maker and Silhouette Portrait

  • Load the Printed Sheet: Place your printed and laminated sticker sheet onto a cutting mat suitable for your machine.

  • Select Settings: In the respective software (Cricut Design Space or Silhouette Studio), select the appropriate material setting for your sticker paper and laminate.

  • Start the Cutting Process: Load the mat into the machine and start the cutting process. Both machines will precisely cut out each sticker based on your design, using  the registration marks to guide the cuts.

Manual Cutting

  • Print the Design: Print your sticker design directly from Stickerit.AI.

  • Cut the Stickers: Use sharp scissors or a craft knife to carefully cut out each sticker. A cutting mat can help protect surfaces and ensure straight lines.

Creating, printing, laminating, and cutting out your custom stickers is a seamless process with Stickerit.AI. By following these steps, you can produce high-quality stickers that enhance your branding and marketing efforts. Start using Stickerit.AI today to bring your creative visions to life and make a lasting impression with your custom stickers.

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